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Support for Android

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Support for Android

TechSolutionWorld provides support for Androids and other related devices. We can help you configure your smartphone and all other devices. This will ensure that the functioning of the system is fine and that you do not face a problem working with it.

TechSolutionWorld’s expert technicians ensure the following:

Setup and installation

Our technicians will assist you in setting up and installing not only the Android device but O2, PalmOne, iPAQ, Blackberry, iPhone as well. You can also personalize your tablet and get the most of it.

Music library setup

Our experts will help you in setting up the library that would be inclusive of photos, videos music and other related stuff that you would require. We would also assist in downloading apps from the related marketplaces available via the Internet.

Our assistance is inclusive of:

  • Setting up Wi-Fi on your Android device
  • Personalizing your new tablet by customizing its settings
  • Transferring media and other files to your tablet
  • Synchronizing your contacts and calendars with your tablet applications
  • Configuring your tablet for wireless printing
  • Optimizing your tablet’s power options, reducing battery power cycles
  • Downloading and installing apps from Android Market or Google Play
  • Answering your questions about the use of the device