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Portable HD

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Portable HD

Saving data in a portable HD (Hard Disk) has its own advantages. You can easily create a backup copy of your entire data or even shift files and folders to create space on your system.

The data stored on your Portable HD also requires to be protected so that it is not misused or infected. For this you need to encrypt the data so as to bar illegal access and data theft from the disk.

How we help?

Our tech experts are readily available to help you with data management, copying, saving, transferring and zipping of files and folders. Our services also include data encryption for safeguarding your data. We also help in decrypting data so that you can access the data stored on the HD. Our scope of services also include deleting or removing files so that they are irrecoverable from the HD. Thus we ensure that your data is safeguarded and privacy protected. We are available round the clock to provide you assistance whenever you require.