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Peer-to-Peer Setup

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Peer-to-Peer Setup

In a peer-to-peer setup, a server is not necessary. Computers are connected to each other via cables or wireless devices. A peer-to-peer setup is a distributed application architecture that partitions workloads and tasks among the members of a particular user group.

It is set up between computers with similar capabilities. Peers have a certain portion of their own resources like network bandwidth, disk storage available for the members within the network. This can be done without stable hosts or central coordination by the servers.

Peer-to-peer structure was made popular by file sharing systems like Napster. This was indeed a new level of human interaction and therefore it needs to be done with care so that users do not face a problem while working.

TechSolutionWorld’s expert technicians will help you in setting up this network to make working easy for you and your peers. Simply call us up and our technicians will remotely access your systems. We will setup, install and configure the network and make it workable. We will make sure that the security blanket is provided and that monitoring of the systems on the network is easily done.

Our experts will set up and install the peer-to-peer setup for you. We will also check the compatibility of the systems on the network and make sure that the setup is functioning well for you. Place us a call and we will provide unlimited support for any computer related problem that you are facing.