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PC Privacy

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PC Privacy

It is extremely important for all PC users to be aware of PC privacy and protecting the system from hackers and spyware. But, when it comes to actually employing security measures then simply protecting the system from threats that come via the Internet is not enough.

At times, adopting common security measures do not ensure that your data is safe and secure. The user needs to take certain measures to ensure that data is protected from anyone who gets access to the PC.

When the user wishes to get rid of the old system or laptop and decides to sell it off, one requires to be extra careful. At this point of time, one must remember to wipe all data from the hard drive. It is not as simple as it sounds because a mere deletion of files will not help as files deleted from the system can be easily recovered. The information is still there and can easily be recovered by an expert, who wishes to tamper with it.

Another threat that a PC user faces unknowingly is that a PC stores each and every program, file that is accessed, browsing history, passwords, web pages etc. Anyone keeping a watchful eye can easily obtain this information. This can lead to illegal data usage and hacking of the system. PC privacy is essential to overcome these potential risks.

TechSolutionWorld helps you with maintaining PC Privacy and taking corrective measures for all of these:

  • Managing online and offline activities
  • Browsing history
  • Prevention from tracking activities
  • Cookies management
  • Securing confidential data