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Modem Hijack

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Modem Hijack

Modem hijacking is also known as Internet Dumping or Dialer Hijacking. It is not new issue that has cropped up but it can affect people who use a dial up connection. You may simply be surfing the Internet without knowing when this malicious software has got downloaded. It will disconnect you from the dial up connection that you are using and reconnect it with an expensive one.

This would end up in exorbitant bills that you will get at the end of the month. Your subscriber will force you to pay as the calls have been done from your number and at your expense. Anyone using a dialer can fall prey to modem hijacking.

Modem hijacking is a major cause of irritation due to the huge number of pop-ups that appear all the time. If by sheer chance, you click ‘OK’ on any of these, there are high chances that you have become a victim of dialer hijacking. This causes further harm by affecting the entire system along with its configurations. At times, harmful cookies get installed on the system or there are temporary files that are sent. This completely messes up the system. It is a good idea to be wary of tricky websites that speak about free offers and lure you to unfamiliar sites.

If you are plagued by all these problems, do place us a call. We will get in touch with you and get your problem resolved in almost no time. Our diagnosis is a thorough one that finds out the exact reason of the problem. The problem is then dealt with great accuracy and we ensure that your PC is further protected from all infections.

Our extensive diagnosis is inclusive of:

  • Cleaning all spyware and adware
  • Optimizing your computer’s speed
  • Setting up your system restore
  • Finding Trojans
  • Wi-Fi security setup
  • Deleting keyloggers
  • Removing computer worms
  • Removing all viruses
  • Stopping false security warnings
  • Ending suspicious pop-up windows
  • Improving your computer’s security
  • Installing Windows patches
  • Setting up new peripherals
  • Installing device drivers