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LimeWire Virus

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LimeWire Virus

File sharing: A large gateway for online threats

Many of us use LimeWire which is a free file sharing program. It can be used with systems running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other operating systems. Off late, LimeWire has become notorious as virus authors have tried using the software to launch virus attacks by using the loop holes of online file sharing.

LimeWire has become a favorable means to penetrate the security veil of your system because it allows Internet users to search, share and download files from the Internet.

Destruction caused by LimeWire virus

LimeWire virus is difficult to discern because it has the capability to completely hide itself in a folder. It becomes difficult for the user to distinguish files that do not contain viruses and malware. Moreover, executable files may contain Trojans that can ruin the functioning of your computer in totality.

Once you allow the LimeWire virus to get on your system, you also allow the virus authors to take control over your system remotely. If someone with malicious intentions gets access to your computer, he will take over your system completely. By using this privilege these agents can send spam, commit fraud and cause harm to your computer.

Complete tech support for virus removal

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