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Keyboard & Mouse

Peripherals like mouse and keyboard are often prone to issues like connectivity problems, slow or no response, erratic mouse movements, keys on keyboard not responding. At this time, the immediate solution that comes to the mind is rebooting the system. But what if the problem is persistent?

Seeking technical expertise and getting the issue resolved is the best way to deal with it. TechSolutionWorld technical support for wireless keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard or USB keyboard is available round the clock to help you deal with issues. We perform a scan of your system to help diagnose the inherent issue.

Our experts help resolve issues such as:

  • Mouse and keyboard not recognized by the system
  • Keyboard or mouse not responding
  • Mouse scroll not moving well
  • Mouse track is jittery, jumpy, slow or fast
  • Mouse buttons not working well
  • Keyboard has one or more keys that do not respond

No matter what brand you are using we help you with all including Dell, HP, Microsoft, Apple and many more.

Wireless mouse (Bluetooth or IR) or keyboard

Having a Bluetooth or infrared enabled wireless mouse and keyboard is convenient. But facing troubles like, loosing signal, functionality errors or device not communicating to your system is quite frustrating. The issue might be a virus attack or internal compatibility errors. Troubleshooting and resolving these issues requires an expert.

Our technical support is capable of providing you with solutions related to wireless keyboard and mouse.

We help you with: 

  • Mouse cursor not responding or erratic movement
  • Issues with mouse scroll wheel
  • Keys on wireless keyboard are not responding
  • Mouse Cursor has Erratic Movement or is not moving
  • Keyboard typing incorrect characters
  • Issues with connectivity and signal
  • Synchronizing devices
  • Virus issues

USB, PS2 Keyboard and Mouse:

Facing connectivity issues and seeking help for USB keyboard and mouse?

We offer you complete solutions and support to help you get through with issues such as:

  • Mouse cursor not moving
  • Keys on keyboard not typing characters or intermittently typing
  • The Scroll Wheel not responding or erratic
  • Keyboard outputs incorrect characters
  • Ports not working
  • Compatibility issues with system software
  • Drivers support and updation

Support for Laptop Touchpad Problem

Finding hard to use the touchpad of laptop? Touchpad not responding? The trouble is not with laptop but with the functionality of touchpad. The trouble might be with its software drivers.

Get in touch with TechSolutionWorld technical help available 24×7 to resolve issues like:

  • Touchpad not working
  • Driver issues
  • Virus issues

We scan the system and diagnose the error and ensure that the problem is resolved within a few minutes.