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Keyboard Logger Removal

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Keyboard Logger Removal

A keylogger is a vicious computer program that logs each key stroke that you type on the keyboard, saves this data and then transfers this data via the internet to hackers or other remote hosts. It also has the capability to save specific screenshots of user activities.

Keyloggers are considered to be the most harmful because it compromises user identity in totality.

In fact a keylogger can also be a small device that can be placed between the keyboard port and the keyboard plug. This device records keystrokes and saves it in its own memory. Such devices cannot take screen shots and it can be found if thorough investigation is done. Keyloggers cannot multiply by themselves but get installed on the system with another software, with or without the consent of the user.

A keylogger logs each key stroke of a computer user. It records important information like log-in names, passwords, sites visited, keywords, online chat conversations, credit card details etc. it does great harm by copying all incoming and outgoing mails. This is a major breach both personally and professionally. It also complicates the detection process by concealing the installed files and hiding the active processes.

Keyloggers can be of the following types:

  • Family Key logger
  • Perfect Key logger

TechSolutionWorld’s technicians run an entire set of scans to check and find out the location of the infection. Our diagnosis covers all the points to check and remove the root cause of the problem. We will assist you in optimizing your computer and keep it running as if it were new. Get in touch with us to remove all keyloggers that is there on your system. We will assist you in providing the support for removing all such software that prevents your system from the way that it ideally should be functioning. We will also take care to see that it is further protected from all other types of threats.