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Dialers Removal

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Dialers Removal

Dialer is a program that uses the modem of a particular computer and establishes a dial-up connection. The connection is established by dialing a predetermined phone number on your Skype or any other softphone/IP phone.

These dialers are malicious in nature and are designed in a manner to use local or international phone numbers to set up this kind of a connection. This activity results in users receiving exorbitant bills.

Most dialers are parasitical in nature. These change the softphone’s dial-up and networking configuration without the user’s knowledge. A typical dialer hides itself on the user’s computer and its activities often go unnoticed. It does not affect the performance of the system and leaves no clues about its presence.

At TechSolutionWorld, we aim at solving all such issues related to your softphone software. Our technicians are adept at solving such issues with your softphones and PCs. Just give us a call and we will help you remove dialers with ease. We will also ensure that you do not face any more such issues with your computer.