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Computer Networking

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Computer Networking

Creating a computer network can often be a challenging task. If it is not done to perfection, the systems will not work properly. To avoid all this trouble you need to synchronize all the computers so that work is done with ease.

TechSolutionWorld’s experts are adept at dealing with network and its related issues. Just place us a call and we will take care to see that your network is set up and that the problems that you are facing are resolved.

Our experts will help you to setup and install Wi-Fi for a new or existing network, will remotely update and install software and different types of network drivers, configure and show you how to enable a firewall. Security and other required settings also will be done by our experts.

Help is just a phone call away. Just give us the signal and we will ensure that your network related issues are solved without a hitch.

Our experts specialize in:

  • Setup and configure wired, Wi-Fi new/existing network
  • Remotely install/update network drivers and software
  • Configure and show you how to enable security and firewall
  • Scan and remove IP conflicts within the network devices
  • Show you how to share folders, drives, files, printers within the network